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It is another memorable experience to visit and enjoy the divinity in the widespread Seshachalam hill ranges part of Eastern ghats in southern Andhra Pradesh.

Happy to be one among the fifty member trekking group to go with adventure of exploring and experiencing the threethams in Seshachalam hill ranges. It is 24 kms travel in the deep forest with our jeeps and some with motor bikes from Mamandur with the permission of Forest department.

We reached Siddaleru Base camp, which is being maintained with solar power. As we have taken up the trip in rain season, it looks beautiful with lush greens.We reached Kangumadugu, a beautiful natural stream and had a bath. There are about 108 threethams around Tirumala in the widespread Seshachalam hills, but most of them are not accessible through road, one should trek little deep into the hill ranges and some of them are difficult to reach.

Our group including Mr. Bhuman, a nature lover, Mr. Prabhakar Reddy , Forest ranger, TTD, Mr. Madhu, a professional Trekkar and other enthusiasts have reached Vishnu Gundam , which is one among the popular theerthams in the hills. It is situated deep inside in the beautiful surroundings amidst forest and caves. The place looks astonishingly beautiful with the greenaries around, the water gushing out of huge rocks. Bathing in this water is really refreshing and is said to wash away the evils.

Three hours trekking is required to reach the place from kangimadugu. Valuable Redsanders are seen inside the forest apart from rare spices. Elephants are said to be roaming in the widespread hill ranges upto Talakona.

Inspite of smuggling of red sanders, the forest is being well maintained. In 2010, it was designated as Biosphere Reserve. Minerals contained in this hills include sandstone and shale interbeded with limestone.

Ramachandra Reddy Palavali

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