Significant Beneficiary participation in the housing scheme in A P

The satisfaction of beneficiary participation in the ongoing massive housing program in Andhra Pradesh is significant as per feedback reports. It may be recalled here that 15.10 lakh houses were sanctioned each at a cost of Rs. 1.80 lakhs. Three options were given to the beneficiaries in the construction of houses and majority preferred their participation in the construction process to get satisfaction on their own as they are going to live in allotted houses.  Since houses were allotted on the name of women , their involvement is significant to fulfil their dreams.

The significance of beneficiary participation is being drawn from these factors 

  1. cost reduction through utilisation of local labour and expertise 
  2. Supply of basic materials like cement, steel etc at reduced prices
  3. It lead to implementation of appropriate responses through the involvement of locals in collective decision making, through the assessment of their needs and expectations through guaranteeing housing satisfaction . 
  4. AP state Government has taken up the prestigious project of construction of houses on massive scale supporting beneficiary participation. Young IAS officers were appointed for each district exclusively to monitor and supervise the progress. During my stint as journalist in Anantapur, I have witnessed distinctive difference of houses built by Govt without involvement of beneficiary and houses built of RDT- a NGO with involvement of beneficiary. 
  5. Satisfaction of beneficiary always masters… they should be encouraged in the construction process on various counts of sustainability, empowerment, capacity building, self reliance and effectiveness. Over growth of Urban towns/Cities have resulted in a series of social and structural problems particularly in recent decades. Shortage of houses has become crisis due to rural-urban influx and marginalised sections in urban areas are constantly being pushed out of organised housing market and as result, they seek shelter through the Government housing programs. 
  6. There may be one or two shortcomings in the ongoing housing program but when it was taken on massive scale, the overall progress is significant. ( Ramachandra Reddy Palavali ))
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నదుల   మీద కోట్లు ఖర్చు పెట్టి , ప్రాజెక్టులు కట్టడం  తెలిసిన ముచ్చటే …

నది లోపల ప్రాజెక్టుల నిర్మాణం  ఎప్పుడైనా చూసారా ?  రండి, ప్రజలే ఇంజనీర్లుగా మారి,  సోమావతి నది కింద జలాశయాలు  కట్టి కరవు నేలలో  సిరులు పండిస్తున్నారు…

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