the hill of Neeladevi

(Ramachandra Reddy Palavali)

Neeladri hilly range is one among the seven Seshachalam hill ranges of the Eastern ghats in southern Andhra Pradesh state. Neeladri , the hill of Neeladevi , who is believed to be accepted hair offered by the devotees.A twenty member team of Nature lovers had an opportunity to trek

the beautiful peak at height of 2000 ft above sea level on 27th June with prior permission of forest department.A decades old Namala Gavi and Ghata Mandapam are also part of Neeladri hill range. It is believed that “Namala Kopu” offered to Lord Venkateswara till fifty to sixty years ago but it was stopped due to steep up and downs of the peak. It is located at edge of the peak.

Overwhelmed to see beautiful down green spread from S.V. Zoo Park to Srivari mettlu from this point. We reached another historical Ghanta Mandapam which was constructed in 16th century. It is believed that immediately after daily naivedhyam , the vibrations of Tirumala temple bell reach to Ghanta Mandapam . Bell rang here used to be hear at another Mandapam at Chandragiri fort through vibrations. King of the fort used to take food only after hearing the bell at fort.Mr. Bhuman, a nature lover who led the team, has unveiled the book

“ Tirupati aandalu ” brought out by another nature lover Mr. B.V.Ramana at this historic Mandapam which is in dilapidated condition. Trekkers on this occasion urged the Tirumala-Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) to renovate the Mandapam and restore the bell to conserve our heritage. It is good to see another huge reflection board installed fifty years ago to get signals besides this Mandapam. It is now defunct with the advent new signal towers. It is believed that Asian elephants also roaming in this range.

TTD has constructed a firewall to protect the forest from fires. It is better on the of TTD to arrange a rough foot fath to reach the Mandapam to enjoy the beauty of down Tirupati.With an aim to conserve the rich green vegetation and to preserve the biodiversity of Seshachala hill rage, the TTD has decided to extensively grow indigenous plant species. The Forest officials of TTD have identified 994 varieties of plant species to replace Acacia, which spread ruthlessly affecting the biodiversity of Tirumala forests. Apart from fruit bearing plants like mango, jack etc, rare spices redsanders and sandal wood are being proposed in this range. Seshachala hill range, in which Sri Venkateswara wildlife Sanctuary cum National park is located is feast for all nature enthusiasts and it is high time to conserve our nature and its beauty to pass it our next generation …………………………………………………………………

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