world’s hardiest warm-season cereal crop

Pearl millet, known as Bajra is a dependable nutritious source of food for millions in marginal agricultural areas. It is the world’s hardiest warm-season cereal crop. It can survive and produce grain even on the least fertile soils in the driest regions, on highly acidic and saline soils, and in the hottest climates. Pearl millet accounts for about 50% of the total global production of millets. India is the largest single producer of the crop, both in terms of area (9.3 million hectares) and production (8.3 million tons).
In drought prone areas , Bajra was familiar and farmers used to diversify their crop pattern sparing 10 to 20 percent area for Bajra farming which is purely rain-fed crop.
Since pearl millets are a rich source of antioxidants, their consumption offers a great deal of protection against free radical mediated diseases such as cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Pearl millet has also been used in composite flour with wheat for making bread. Up to 30% pearl millet was used successfully in making bread in Senegal. Among the many qualities of pearl, millets are their fame as the best millet for weight loss. These millets are rich in several nutrients, including protein, fibre, magnesium and calcium.

When the earth speaks in silence ! Happy to share Pearl millet seed farm in flowering and harvesting stage.

( Ramachandra Reddy Palavali , Former Bureau In charge, Deccan Chronicle  and currently working as General Manager, Sricity (P) Ltd, ramachandra.palavali

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