Tripura’s Bamboo Salt | A Healthy Alternative

Tripura’s Bamboo Salt: A Healthy Alternative

Modern day diet is composed heavily of food acidic in nature. Essential to balance both acidic and alkali foods. Minerals are important materials for the human body.

In World make 1st – South Korea, 2nd – China, 3rd – Tripura, India

Bamboo Salt (also known as Jukyeom) originates from South Korea. The trunks are then roasted in a furnace with pinewood being used as fuel. The process requires 10 hours of roasting at a temperature between 1,000 to 1,500 oC.

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 This procedure can be repeated from three to nine times. In the ancient times, the process was only repeated two or three times. However, through repeated experimentation that doctors discovered that Bamboo Salt gained higher medical effectiveness if it was baked for more time. This method enhanced the amalgamation of minerals from the bamboo and the yellow clay into the sea salt.

Anti-Gastric/ Peptic Ulcer Treatment

Bamboo Salt generates hydrogen sulphide which acts as a gas transmitter like nitric oxide (NO) and carbon monoxide (CO). These chemicals have physiological effects including anti-inflammation, anti-hypertension, as well as the improvement of insulin sensitivity.

Improve Skin Condition

Bamboo salt replenishes dead cells rapidly; it works as an excellent exfoliator. If we consume good quality bamboo salt with clean water, it replaces the dead skin cells and helps eliminate skin problems such as freckles, acne, etc.

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Detoxifies & Sterilizes

Bamboo salt safeguards blood cells and vessels from toxins and bacteria. It enhances the antibiotic resistance of the body.

Act as Blood Coagulator

Bamboo salt acts as a quick blood coagulator. Application on affected areas gives rapid relief by stopping bleeding also reduces the risk of bacterial infection.

Way to use Bamboo Salt.

Put bamboo salt into the decayed tooth or gargle with bamboo salt water to reduce a toothache.

Mix bamboo salt and water then apply onto scalp and gently massage it to avoid hair loss.

Use bamboo salt to massage armpit other body parts for about 10 minutes to reduce body odor.

Mix bamboo salt with warm water and use nose washer to wash our nose to health Sinusitis.

Apply bamboo salt to affected area and massage to reduce joint paint.

Apply bamboo salt onto skin or wash skin with bamboo salt water to improve skin disease condition.

Tripura’s kokborok language : Swom ( inputs by Samir Jamatia )

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